A systematic review on Frankincense (Boswellia species)
Swati Yadav, S K Gupta
Frankincense, Boswellic Acids, Boswellia Spp., Olibanum Oil, Gum resin.
Frankincense (also termed as Olibanum) obtained from Boswellia trees, belonging to family Burseraceae, is an aromatic oleo gum resin traditionally used as a fumigant, a medicine, in aromatherapy and various cosmetic formulations in several countries. Its appearance is colorless-yellow liquid having a balsamic, citrusy and spicy odor. The commercial oil referred as frankincense is produced from this plant which has a spicy, woody and haunting smell. These oleo-gum-resins have been utilized as a significant constituent in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for treating several health-related problems. The main components of Frankincense oil are α-pinene, α-thujene, β-pinene. Essential oils and chemical extracts prepared from oleo-gum-resin of Boswellia species, both possess anti-neoplastic activity, and also have been determined as potential anti-cancer expedients. Frankincense oil shows different pharmacological properties like Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Hepatoprotective and Therapeutic properties. This review is aimed to deliver an overview of current knowledge of volatile constituents, boswellic acids, and extracts of several Boswellia species.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 5

Page(s): 212 - 224
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