Generating Honeywords using Toughnuts
Harikrishna Reghu, Gibi Thomas, Pranav P , Kavya Prasad, Akhija Lakshmi R
Honeywords, Authentication, Password
As society relies on digital world, the threat continues to quickly increase. once a year new mechanism against cyber security threats is introduced. At same time the cybercriminals in addition produce new techniques to beat these efforts. One in every of the important security issue is with revealing of positive identification file. To tune up this issue the construct of honeywords i.e. false password is introduced. we tend to tend to point out an easy methodology for raising the protection of hashed passwords: the upkeep of extra “honeywords” (false passwords) associated with each user’s account. AN opponent WHO steals a file of hashed passwords and inverts the hash function cannot tell if he has found the password or a honeyword. The tried use of a honeyword for login triggers AN alarm. AN auxiliary server (the “honeychecker”) can distinguish the user positive identification from honeywords for the login routine, and can go off AN alarm if a honeyword is submitted.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 12

Page(s): 316 - 319
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