Guruprasad G. Bhagwat, Sahil S. Tandlekar, Nitin R. Pardhi, Sagar D. Dhawale
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A Review Paper on UNMANNED GROUND VEHICLEInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Technology(www.ijirt.org) ,ISSN: 2349-6002 ,Volume 6 ,Issue 6 ,Page(s):47-52 ,October 2019 ,Available :IJIRT148738_PAPER.pdf
Borderpatrol,Insurgency,live video,Mobility,Prominent,Surveillance,Terrorism,terrorist threats,tracking unit,Vehicle automation
Some of the most prominent problems facing the world today are Terrorism and Insurgency. Governments and scientists across the globe are working day and night in order to bring these problems under control. Billions of dollars are spent by nations for the research of new defense systems which are capable of safeguarding citizens from terrorist threats. Nowadays with major advancements in the field of vehicle automation, several dangerous and crucial counter terrorist operations are being handled by sophisticated machines which are not only more efficient but are also responsible for saving several human lives. Our project “Unmanned Ground Vehicle” is built to undertake missions like border patrol, surveillance and in active combat both as a standalone unit (automatic) as well as in co-ordination with human soldiers (manual). It is a prototype illustrating the ever-expanding need for sophisticated technology and precision driven vehicles catering to the present day needs for a first line of defense. A person from a remote place can comfortably control the motion of the robot wirelessly and in situations where manual control is not prudent, the vehicle is capable of reaching the pre-programmed destination on its own. This defense system of ours has two units- one is the control unit (to control mobility) and the other is the motion tracking unit. This robot would be a remote operator would be getting a live video feed from the camera to help him manually control both the above-mentioned units of the rover. The rover is also capable of automatically tracking movement of objects in its range of vision. The rover is controlled by a human operator and live video is fed back to the base station. The turret will follow the movement of a joystick or a mouse. There is an additional ARMCON controller which helps the soldier on war field to control the rover using wireless modem
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 6

Page(s): 47 - 52
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