Absorption peaks of erbium silicates
Vandana Ranga
Low processing temperature, homogeneity and high purity are the advantages one attains through hydrolysis and condensation of metal alkoxides to derive oxide glasses when compared with conventional melting techniques. The main steps in the sol-gel technique are the gel formation, drying of the gel and consolidation of the gel which are governed by the stoichiometry, pH, physical conditions and subsequent heat treatments. An attempt was also made to explore the effects of varying the aging time of the gels to three years for chemical stability of the glasses produced. Earlier researchers have studied Titania nanocrystalline powders have reported similar studies on fiber– optic sensors with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) pH sensitive dye. The FT-IR spectra of the stored erbium doped silicate xerogels are studied extensively. The various IR Spectra, in the range (4000- 400 cm-1) of erbium doped stored silica gels as a function of sintering temperature are determined. All measurements were carried out by Nicolet, NEXUS 870 Spectrophotometer by using the KBr pellet method. The variation of Erbium doped IR Spectra as a function of sintering temperature reveal many interesting results. The maximum absorption peaks around 3400 and 1630 cm-1 are observed for unsintered gels and gradually decrease on increasing sintering temperature thereby suggesting escape of molecular water. The structural indication of Si-OH bonds is by band at around 960 cm-1. Defect structure is assigned to bands around 750 and 550-600 cm-1 in agreement with the literature available. The symmetric stretching and bending vibration are assigned the 790 and 450 cm-1 respectively are also cited in many literature.
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