Volume 1, Issue 11 April 2015

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Design Accessible Display To Control Home Area Network
- Kotecha Ankita.V; Dr.Prof.Y.S.Angal
Full Article
Density-Based Clustering in Spatial Databases
- Mr.Sujit A.Navale; Mr.Vinodkumar J. Shinde
Full Article
Fm Transmitter Design
- Pooja Kumari; Mona Kumari; Nidhi Chauhan; Mansi Verma
Full Article
Voice Controlled Robot
- Anup Kumar; Ranjeeta Chauhan
Full Article
Enhancement of MicrostripPatch-Antenna Performance UsingNovel Photonic Band-gapSubstrates
- Anup Kumar; Ranjeeta Chauhan
Full Article
Poynting Vector And The Flow Of Power
- Mona Kumari; Pooja Kumari; Nidhi Chuhan; Mansi Verma
Full Article
Comparative Analysis of Temperature Control for Different Applications
- Dhiraj Gurnani; Naman Thaker; Charit Upadhyay; Kruti P. Thakore
Full Article
Study On Methods Of Transformer Protection
- Piyali Sarkar; Sandhya Upreti; Sumeet Singh
Full Article
Fault diagnosis in electrical and electronic equipments using thermography and image processing-a survey
- Swapnil P. Parmar; Prof. D. H. Shah
Full Article
Design of Neuro-Controller
- Suyog S. Shah; Ambadas B. Shinde; Kishor K. Pandyaji
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