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Volume 1, Issue 9 February 2015

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Evaluation of Removal of TDS, COD and Heavy metals from Wastewater using Biochar
- Shivani B Chavda; Prof. M.J. Pandya
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Removal of Ammonia from wastewater by ion exchange technology
- Jignasha C Prajapati; Huma S Syed; Mr. Jagdiah Chauhan
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Air Pollution Exposures And Their Effect on Traffic Police
- Chauhan Kinjal H; Pandya Minarva J
Full Text
Dynamic Modeling, Design and PID Control for an Autonomous Quadrotor
- Sunil J.Panchal; Prof.P.B.Borole
Full Text
Voice Controlled Robot in Industrial Automation
- Sunil J.Panchal; Prof.P.B.Borole
Full Text
Morpho-physiological characterization of wheat (Triticum aestivum) for Stay Green trait
- Naresh Pratap Singh; Vaishali; Pooran Chand; Anil Sirohi,Mukesh Kumar
Full Text
Efficient Hybrid vehicle
- Govind kr. Mallik; Digvijay; Kunal Kr. Mishra; Manish Singh,Arindam Ghosal
Full Text
Advanced Aerospace Materials
- Vishal Singh Rawat,Sanjay Bohra; Swaraj Singh; Aman Kr. Shrivastava; Arindam Ghosal
Full Text
Advanced Marine Propulsion for efficient marine drive
- Nikhil Gupta; Riju Raju; Parul Sharma; Arindam Ghosal
Full Text
Throughput Optimization using Multi-Join Query Plans
- Siddhi Joshi; Jignesh Vania
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