IJIRT International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology Open Access International Peer Reviewed Journal ISSN : 2349-6002
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Volume 2, Issue 1 June 2015

Title and Author Area Page
Effect On Strength And Durability Of Fly Ash Based Hollow Concrete Blocks Having Different Configurations Using Polypropylene Fibers
- Mr. Jay M. Pawar; Prof. Ajit R. Darji; Dr. R. P. Rethaliya
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Civil Engineering12-19
Emotion analysis using text mining on social networks
- Rashmi Kumari; Mayura Sasane
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Data Mining20-27
Comprehensive Analysis of Slip Power Recovery Scheme
- Shiv Kumar; Ajay Kumar; Himanshu Gupta
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Electrical Engineering28-34
Comparative Analysis of Speech Recognition Based on Artificial Neural Network
- Abhinav Bhatnagar; Sapna Sinha
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Computer Engineering35-39
Product Recommendation System
- Javed Malik; Dolly Sharma
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Use of Hadoop Big Data: A Review
- Mohd Hashim
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computer science44-47
Community Detection in social networks
- Pradeep kumar
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computer engineering48-52
Simulation Of LCL Filter For Shunt Active Power Filter In Single Phase Power Line Using Matlab
- Devesh Raj Saxena; A.R.Soman
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Electrical Engineering53-62
Use of game theory in executive support system
- Ashish Sharma; Sarika Jain
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Computer Engineering66-70
Software Testing Technique Using Genetic Algorithm
- Pramod Garg; Dr. Deepak Kumar
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Computer Engineering71-77
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