IJIRT International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology Open Access International Peer Reviewed Journal ISSN : 2349-6002
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Volume 2, Issue 2 July 2015

Title and Author Area Page
Study on the Effect of Blast Load on Industrial Structure
- TANK PARESH KANTILAL; Dr. Kaushal B. Parikh
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Structural(CIVIL) Engineering1-5
Configuration Of Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna
- Sharma Divya S; Raj Hakani
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Electronics & Communication6-9
Design and implementation of a Planar Array Antenna for L5 band of Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System (IRNSS)
- Rajan H Kapadia; Raj Hakani
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Electronics & Communication10-14
Automated Medication Supply System At Remote Areas Using Gsm
- Komal H. Nirala; Prof. Utkarsh Patel
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Electronics & Communication15-20
Smart Indicator for Blind People
- Ghosha Trivedi; Minkal Patel
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Electronics & Communication21-25
A Review of Analysis and Improvement in Tribological Properties Nitrided and Coated HSS Tool
- Rahul Arjun Kale; Prof P.N.Ulhe
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Mechanical Engineering36-41
Deviation of Chemical Properties of Kithul (Caryota urens) Flour Obtained from Five Different Growing Areas in Sri Lanka.
- J A A C Wijesinghe; I. Wicramasinghe; K.H Saranandha
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Agri-Science & Food Science and technology67-76
Study of high temperature coupling in the Context of Strength
- Sneha Mahajan; P. G. Damle
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Mechanical Engineering77-81
Campus Overhead Tanks Controlling System Using GSM and ZIGBEE based WSN
- Mr. Prasad P. Patil; Dr.S.K. Shah
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Electronics and Communication Engineering82-85
Tracking Moving Targets in Wireless Sensor Network
- M.Sridhar ; G.Naresh
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Computer Engineering86-89
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