IJIRT International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology Open Access International Peer Reviewed Journal ISSN : 2349-6002
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Volume 3, Issue 2 July 2016

Title and Author Area Page
Analysis of ECM Electrode and ECM Electrolyte for Machining Of Star Shaped Complex Profile over Iron Work Piece Using ANSYS Fluent Software
- Vikas Ashok Ingale; R. M. Tayade
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Mechanical Engineering10-13
Numerical Investigation of Drag Reduction on Flat Plates using Dents
- Harshad Ahirrao
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Mechanical Engineering14-19
Design of an Efficient Algorithm to Enhance Life time in Wireless Sensor Networks
- Virupaksha V Tippa; Channakrishna Raju; Dr. M . Siddappa
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Computer Engineering20-25
schema agnostic indexing with live indexes
- monica bansal
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computer engineering26-31
Review Paper for Query Optimization for Declarative Crowdsourcing System
- Nilesh Nivrutti Thorat; A. B. Rajmane
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Computer science and engineering32-36
- Pranav Patil
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Mechanical Engineering37-40
Redesign and analysis of presampler for Gas Chromatoghrapher
- Swapnil V. Gondane; G.U. Tembhare
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Mechanical Engineering41-45
Efficient Connectivity Using Cooperative Transmission in Wireless Multi-Hop Sensor Networks
- Nagendra HM; Channakrishna Raju; Dr M.Siddappa
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Computer Engineering46-52
A Study on Madras Metropolitan Tumour Registry Breast Cancer patients in Chennai
- Dr T Leo Alexander
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Science 53-60
Review on Multisite Framework for Web page Recommendation Using Incremental Mining
- Rahul B. Patil; K. B. Manwade
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Computer Engineering61-64
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