IJIRT International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology Open Access International Peer Reviewed Journal ISSN : 2349-6002
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Volume 3, Issue 7 December 2016

Title and Author Area Page
Performance Analysis of Different Routing Protocol in VTDN: A Survey
- Kiranbhai N Parmar; Trupesh Patel
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Information technology1-5
Outlier Analysis Approaches in Data Mining
- Krishna Modi; Prof Bhavesh Oza
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Computer Engineering - data mining6-12
A Survey on Sentiment Analysis Techniques
- Kanan Joshi; Dhaval patel; Shyamal Pandya
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Computer engineering13-15
A Survey on Predictive Analysis
- Krishna Gandhi; Niti Shah; Shyamal Pandya
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Computer Engineering16-18
Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications
- Ashish Kumar; Pius Alex; Deepak Bisht ; Ansh Jhawar
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Computer Engineering 19-24
A Survey of Anomaly Detection Technique for Credit Default
- Krunal Surti; Ashish Patel; Shyamal Pandya
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Computer Engineering25-28
Comparative Study of Different Page Rank Algorithms
- Chintan D Agravat
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Computer Engineering (Data Mining)29-35
A Survey on Friend Recommendation in a Social Bookmarking System
- Bhavesh Jain; Tejas Kadiya; Ramesh Prajapati; Dr.Samrat Khanna
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Computer Engineering38-43
Review On Network Security And Cryptography
- Ankit Kumar; Rahul Berry; Kunal Berry
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Computer Engineering44-53
A Survey on Handwritten Character Recognition using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks
- Harita Dave; Mitesh patel
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Computer Engineering 54-59
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