IJIRT International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology Open Access International Peer Reviewed Journal ISSN : 2349-6002
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After completion of detailed study by editorial board, author has to submit copyright form and payment through (PayUMoney/NEFT/Cash).Processes after you get acceptance:

  • Pay Publication Charges through PayUMoney/NEFT/Cash
  • Download Copyright form from HERE, and send scanned copy of filled form to editor@ijirt.org
Publication Mode Indian Author (Rs.) Foreign Author (USD.)
General Category(Soft Copy Of Certificates) 1200 per Article $100 per Article
General Category(Hard Copy Of Certificates) 1500 per Article $130 per Article
Fast Track(Soft Copy Of Certificates) 1400 per Article $120 per Article
Fast Track(Hard Copy Of Certificates) 1700 per Article $150 per Article

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