Experimental investigations on the performance and emission characteristics of diesel engine fueled with pongamia methyl ester biodiesel with varying concentration of zinc oxide nanoparticles
Syed Khadarbasha, H.K. Amarnath, O.D.Hebbal, Saqib shaik
The effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles as a fuel additive was experimentally investigated with pongamia pinnata biodiesel in a four-stroke, single cylinder, direct injection diesel engine. The study aimed at the reduction of harmful emissions of diesel engines including oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and smoke and CO, CO2 and HC and to increase the performance characteristic of B20 blend of pongamia pinnata bio diesel (20% of volume of bio diesel 80% volume of diesel). The nanoparticles of zinc oxide are dispersed in the tested fuels at a dosage of B20+50 ppm, B20+100 ppm, B20+150 ppm with the aid of an ultrasonic homogenizer. Tests were conducted at a constant engine speed of 1500 rpm and varying loads (from 0 to 12 kg) with B20 bio diesel of pongamia pinnata biodiesel and other B20 Nano fuel blends. The engine combustion, performance, and emission characteristics for the fuel blends with nanoparticles were compared with B20 as a base fuel. The test result showed that Brake thermal efficiency of B20+150 ppm of zinc oxide nano particle shows the highest efficiency compared with the B20 other blends at 75% of load and there is an increase in 2.62% of BTE when compared to B20 biodiesel, the of BSFC of B20+150 ppm of zinc oxide decrease by 8.52% compared B20 bio diesel, the CO2 emission of B20+150 ppm of zinc oxide decreases by 5.20% compared to B20 neat blend, At full load CO emission of B20+150 ppm of zinc oxide decreases by 15% compared to B20 neat blend. In the overall analysis of experiment, the blend of B20+150 ppm of ZnO is found more favorable compared with other blends of the experiment.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4

Page(s): 341 - 346
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