Ranking Websites in Search Engines using Big Data Platform
PageRank; Search engine; WebPages; Damping factor; inlinks; outlinks
WWW includes billions of web pages and a large amount of information available within the pages. To recover the information required by the WWW, search engines perform various activities depending on their architecture. These can be complicated and slow process. Current estimates indicate that there are more than 150 million Web pages with a useful life of less than a year. In addition to these important challenges, web search engines must also manage users and inexperienced pages designed to manipulate search engine ranking features. Implementing techniques used by search engines to rank the output, test them and analyze their performance. Given a query, a search engine needs to rank documents by relevance so that links to most relevant and authoritative documents could be shown on top of the list. Search engine uses many algorithms to rank the WebPages among which we are using PageRank algorithm. Page Rank is an algorithm used by Google Search engine to rank website pages in their search results. PageRank is the way of measuring the significance of website pages and it works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is .The classical Page Rank algorithm assigns rank to a website on the basis of other links connected to it, so that pages linked by many other gets high rank .The search engine uses a classification algorithm to sort the results that will be displayed. In this way, the user will first have the most important and useful result.
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