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Modeling and Control of Inherently Unstable SIMO System
Dhruv D. Patel, Trupal J. Patel, Priyam A Parikh
SIMO system, Inverted pendulum, PID controller, ITAE method
SIMO system is more efficient control system than SISO system. SIMO system can also be regarded as several SISO systems.In SIMO system only one input or manipulated variable available to control two or more than two controlled or output variables. The most common system used to demonstrate the performance of the inherently unstable SIMO system is INVERTED PENDULUM system. An inverted pendulum is an inherently unstable system comprising of alinearcart and freely oscillating bob (mass) such that the mass is made to standupright in the vertical plane by means of controlling the motion of cart in thehorizontal plane thereby controlling the angle at which the mass would standfinally in upright position. Many control strategies are available to control the angle of inverted pendulum system like PID, Pole Placement controller,LQR controller, FUZZY controller etc.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 8

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