Advanced Active Power Conditioner to Improve Power Quality in Microgrids
Rameez Khan, NitishKumar, Abhishek Chatur, Jayalaxmi O. Chandle
Active Power Conditioner, Microgrids, Renewable Energy, Current control, AC-DC-AC Converter
In the recent time, Wind energy conversion systems have become an important topic for the research in the field of renewable energy sources with microgrid. Wind power generation has a major challenge to focus on which is power quality problem and at the same time its connection with the distribution network. The converter and rectifier which is used in the microgrid are to convert AC to DC to AC for the interconnection of load and wind power to microgrid and for producing the significant harmonics. In power network, the quality of the power becomes poor due to the impact of harmonics in current and voltage. If a microgrid is a weak electrical grid than it may easily lead to the disturbances which need to be taken care of. Therefore, a three-phase Active Power Conditioner (APC) is required to enhance the power quality in microgrid which would be based on the renewable energy and APC here interact between the AC bus of a microgrid and the renewable energy sources which basically means acting as a interface. To correct the power factor, APC should use an improved control strategy by which it is possible to inject some energy in the microgrid and compensation of the current harmonics. By the improved control strategy, even if the load is unbalanced it allows the line current at the point of common coupling (PCC) to be sinusoidal and balanced. To validate the improved control strategy, we use the simulation.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2

Page(s): 306 - 311
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