A Survey on Graph Based Web Recommendation System of Mining Frequent Access Web patterns
Nihareeka Balat, Smit Thacker
Mining Frequent Sequential Access Patterns, Throughout-surfing patterns(TSP),Web log data, web recommendation system, web usage graph.
Day to day internet is widely used in every area and field. User get more depend on internet for getting any kind of information or data. In web log repository, the record of different web user’s web using patterns are get stored, which are great source of knowledge about user’s navigation. With increasing the use of internet, the number of web sites and web pages are increasing also, discovering, understanding and manufacturing web users’ surfing behavior are essential for the development of successful web recommendation systems. Web usage mining is a one part of data mining. The different mining techniques are applied to web log data for finding user’s interesting patterns, it means in which patterns user want to access web pages and web-sites. In this paper I reviewed some graph based techniques such as graph traversal algorithm, sequential pattern mining algorithm, mining web usage data graph, mining pruned graph traversal algorithm for frequent web user access pattern using for mining surfing pattern.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3

Page(s): 1 - 3
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