Dhrubajyoti Rajbangshi, Dr. A.K.Bora
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Land use land cover, Urbanization, Anthropogenic, GIS and Remote Sensing.
Land use and land cover study is one of the significant aspects of spatial science. This helps understanding the change detection of the earth resource and physiographic change of the earth surface. It also helps the management of natural resources and monitoring of the environmental changes. The physical setting determines the growth and development of population and their activities in every region of the world. If the location of a particular place is convenient for settlement and trade and commerce, then that place will start developing and become a centre place for the surrounding regions, where economic activities changes from primary to secondary and tertiary activities and gradually urbanization process starts with the rapid land use and land cover change mainly to infrastructure and built up areas. This trend is accelerating day by day in the urban centres due to ever increasing anthropogenic activities and Guwahati city of Assam is also not exception to this. This research paper mainly emphasizes on the changing nature of land use and land cover dynamics of Guwahati city and related geo-environmental problems which became a major threat to the city dwellers. GIS (Geographical Information System) and Remote Sensing techniques are used here for better understanding and analysis of the subject matter along with the interpretation of the satellite imageries for the period of 1991 to 2015. Urban expansion is considered to be the major cause of Land use land cover change at large scale in Guwahati City. Frequent transformation and modification of land resource for various human induced activities changed the entire scenario of this urban centre, which leads to the emergence of several geo-environmental problems depending on the intensity of anthropogenic activities at spatio-temporal context. This paper also emphasizes on the importance of study about the changing nature of physical as well as socio-economic structure of the fast growing urban centers for better future planning with a proper scientific approach.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4

Page(s): 72 - 77
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