Computer Aided Design of Gear Box Used In Material Handling Trolley: FEM Approach
Niraj G. Bnadewar, A.A.Gangshettiwar, M.S.Bodkhe
Cupola, Steel Scarp, Ferroalloys, Gearboxes
The cupola is a furnace used for melting steel scrap, cast iron scrap, and ferroalloys to produce cast iron. Its main energy source is coal coke. It is one of the oldest methods of producing cast iron, and it remains the dominate method because of its simplicity and low fuel cost. Cupolas range in size from 18 inches to 13 feet in diameter, and can produce up to 100 tons per hour of cast iron. Gearbox plays an important role in the productivity of the cupola furnace. Gearboxes are frequently used in machine system for power transmission, speed variation and/or working direction. Dynamic modeling of gear vibration offers a better understanding of the vibration generation mechanism as well as dynamics behavior of the gear transmission of in the presence of gear tooth damage. Because of their ubiquity and importance, gearboxes have received considerable amount of attention in this respect.Gear housing is a main part of a gear system. Due to external excitation and internal excitation, vibration response takes place with a lot of noise generated, which may affect the normal functions of the whole gear system. The vibration response of a gear system has been studied, in detail. CAE techniques can be use to increase the performance of gearbox and thereby increase the efficiency of material handling trolley of cupola furnace. Also to ensure simulation and experimental results, a prototype model was tested with the help of FEM software. The tools such as modeling and computer simulation are used. The result of computer simulations and results obtained by an actual experimentation were compared to get detailed idea about the parameters which can affect the increase in speed drastically. The factors were divided into four groups: design factors, production technology factors, operational factors and change of condition factors. These factors are studied and have been taken into account during designing of an gearbox. The three dimensional model of the existing gearbox and newly designed gearbox is made by using Pro-E software. The analysis of these three dimensional models are done by using ANSYS workbench software. Static analysis is done to check whether the design of gearbox is safe or not. Dynamic analysis of ex
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 7

Page(s): 17 - 30
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