D R Gursal, Dr. M V Jadhav
Turbidity, banana pith, Okra, Synthetic turbid water, Coagulation, Alum, pH
Turbidity causes large scale problrm in water treatment in which turbidity removal is dependent on proper coagulation /flocculation stazge. Therefore present study,experiments were conducted in lab to remove the turbidity from water by using natural coagulants like banana pith and okra seeds by using synthetic turbid water. As we know that natural coagulants are used in less developed communities. Turbidity causes large scale problem in water treatment in which turbidity removal is dependent on proper coagulation/flocculation stage. In the present study, experiments were conducted in lab to find out the effect of size variation of natural coagulants banana pith and Okara to remove the turbidity by using synthetic turbid water. As we know natural coagulants are in general, used in less developed communities as they are economical when compared with chemical coagulants. These natural coagulants are easily available in India and it is easily biodegradable. By using grinder dry banana pith and Okara can be easily crushed in different sizes as 600, 300 & 75 µm particles. Jar test experiments are carried out for high (380NTU), Medium(150NTU) and low(30NTU) turbid water samples. Size variation to remove turbidity for varying pH was also studied with respect to different settling time intervals. Natural coagulant shows better results for high turbid water. Maximum turbidity removal efficiency for Banana pith ,Okara are 94.2%, 92.8 and 91.5 respectively for small (75 µm) particle size. In order to reduce the turbidity, means for optimization main affecting parameters are coagulant dose, initial turbidity, pH & settling time. To avoid the ill effects & complexity, these natural coagulants are used as coagulant aid with alum. Use of natural coagulant to remove turbidity plays a vital role in sustainable environmental technology as they are renewable resources. Banana pith was obtained from market from harvested banana plantain. The pith was cleaned and rinsed with distilled water. Cut into small pieces and dried in an oven at 60degree C for 6 h. The dried pieces were ground into a powder and and sieve were used for tests. Okra commonly known as lady finger is one of the important vegetable crop grown in tropica
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2

Page(s): 387 - 392
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