Disinfectants Spraying BOT in Silkworm Rearing House
K.N.Baluprithviraj, H.Archana, A.Arunjagadeshwaran, R.Kamatchi
Disinfectant spraying Bot, Radio Frequency, Silk worm, Wireless Camera
The distribution of silkworm industry is widespread with great utilization of silkworms. The rearing process of such global industry should be effective and efficient to bring better growth of silkworms. The silkworms undergoing development are prone to diseases caused by micro organisms. In order to protect the silkworms from diseases, disinfectants are sprayed manually in the initial condition. The exposure of disinfectants such as formalin and bleaching powder may cause health problems like breathing suffocation and eye irritation to farmers. In severe condition, it leads to blindness. To protect the farmers from the contact of disinfectants, a bot is developed to spray the disinfectants to the rearing house of silkworm. The silkworms are kept in beds of shelves. As the shelves are linearly arranged, remote controlled bot is established to cover every shelves. A wireless camera is kept in the bot to move in the proper directions. Also, rack and pinion arrangement is fixed with sprayer nozzle vertically to spray disinfectants to each shelves. The bot movements and sprayer nozzle movements are controlled by Arduino Uno. This proposed work yields a solution to health issues caused by disinfectants to farmers.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 9

Page(s): 150 - 155
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