A Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Nanofluids
Pushparaj Singh, Jay Prakash Pandey
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A Review on Heat Transfer Enhancement Using NanofluidsInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Technology(www.ijirt.org) ,ISSN: 2349-6002 ,Volume 5 ,Issue 12 ,Page(s):39-44 ,April 2019 ,Available :IJIRT148021_PAPER.pdf
Heat Transfer, Enhancement, Active and Passive Techniques, Nanofluid, Nanoparticles, Heat exchanger
Nanofluids are a fluids containing nanometer-sized particles, called nanoparticles. These fluids are Suspension of nanoparticles in customary fluids. Nanofluids have been the subject of escalated think about worldwide since spearheading analysts as of late found the odd thermal conduct of these fluids. The improvement of heat exchange utilizing nanofluids have been utilized as one of the detached heat move systems in a few heat exchange applications. It is considered to have extraordinary potential for heat exchange improvement and are exceptionally fit to application in heat exchange forms like microelectronics, energy units, pharmaceutical procedures, and half and half fueled motors, motor cooling/vehicle thermal administration, local icebox, chiller, heat exchanger, and in heater vent gas temperature decrease. This survey covers the upgrade of heat exchange by utilizing nanofluids and potential utilizations of nanofluids. This paper exhibits a refreshed audit of the heat exchange utilizations of nanofluids to create bearings for future work on the grounds that the writing around there is spread over a wide scope of controls, including heat exchange, material science, physical science, substance designing and engineered science.
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Unique Paper ID: 148021

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 12

Page(s): 39 - 44
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