Nuclear Waste Can Be Managed
: Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear waste
Now-a-days we are more concentrating on using natural resources for production of electricity, for example – Solar energy, Wind energy and more efficient is Nuclear Energy. Nuclear Energy is more efficient because, where 2 million grams of coal or 3 million grams of oil produces electricity which equal to 1 gram of Uranium fuel, the process is also recyclable. Nuclear Fission is the process where nucleus gets splits into smaller nuclei releasing energy in the process. The elements used in process are Uranium-235 or Uranium-238, Thus, these splitting of nucleus leads to formation of electricity, by Nuclear Reactor process. Nuclear Reactor process will definitely the more efficient way of generating electricity without carbon emission. Now, we also got an alternative to handle nuclear waste which is harmful for living beings, may be we can make glass out of nuclear waste by using sugar. But we can power more through nuclear fusion reaction as well, because of which our sun and many of the stars are glowing, indeed produces most effective way for production of electricity but too much costly. Therefore nuclear power really reduces carbon emission problems and is highly efficient. But still nuclear waste is the most harmful waste in the world, though the uranium is used in the process 95% is still radioactive. Hence to decompose it properly scientists have found two methods which are much more effective as compared to others, vitrification and plutonium-contaminated waste is mixed with blast furnace to produce glass. This process will indeed reduce the hazards from nuclear waste.
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