Experimental Performance Analysis and Evaluation of COP of Vapor Compression Refrigeration System on Different Mass Flow Rate of R134a as Refrigerant.
R-134a, Refrigerator, thermocouple, COP, Refrigerator Test Rig. VCRs system, condenser, air cooled, evaporator, compressor, expansion device, Capillary tube.
The present project report is based on Vapor Compression refrigeration. Refrigeration is one of the most equipment used in home appliances utilizing vapor compression cycle in its process. The refrigerant is a heat carrying medium which during their cycle (i.e. compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation) in the refrigeration system absorbs heat from a low temperature system and discards the heat so absorbed to a higher temperature system. Properties of good refrigerants are low boiling point, high critical temperature, high latent heat of vaporization, low cost. Refrigerant is a substance used in a heat cycle usually for enhancing efficiency, by a reversible phase transition from a liquid to a gas. R134a is an inert gas used primarily as a “high-temperature” refrigerant for domestic refrigeration and automobile air conditioners. In this paper, the experiment used Domestic Refrigerator R-134a. The main objective of this experiment is to find out coefficient of performance of refrigerator and Actual COP, avg. COP etc. In this experiment we used Refrigerant R-134a to calculate the COP at particular time and measure temperature and pressure. The project setup run in 2 hrs. to evaporate refrigeration measure for COP of Domestic Refrigeration. The thermocouple and pressure gauge are used to measure temperature and pressure of all unit. Four thermocouple is used to measure temperature and Burdon tubed type pressure gauge is used to measure pressure at Inlet and outlet of the compressor. Therefore, this paper presentation experimental investigation of the performance of refrigeration cycle the COP is studied by using different mass flow rate value.
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