Ketan Darji, Mr.Narendra Patel, Aman Pokharana, Anil Jaiswal , Kostubh Vyas
diesel locomotive; cooling system; radiator; process; contrast
With the consistent improvement of diesel trains toward single power, the warmth scattering of the train cooling framework is getting greater and greater, and its presentation straightforwardly influences the economy and unwavering quality of the train. Because of the constraint of train hub load and basic space measure, there is an extraordinary specialized issue between the cooling framework structure and the game plan of the cooling gadget and the general design of the train. The expansion in the quantity of radiators, making the quantity of cooling framework forms are correspondingly expanded, bringing about train cooling framework water obstruction and water framework weight are enormously improved. The conventional cooling framework structure and the radiator structure are difficult to meet the advancement necessities of high power train. In light of the ordinary cooling framework structure technique, a multi-process radiator is proposed. The multi-process cooling framework has the benefits of high cooling efficiency, basic structure, little helper control utilization of the siphon and high unwavering quality of the cooling framework parts. In this paper, the cooling framework and its capacity, the current cooling innovation and the multi-process radiator are considered and broke down, and the three-process radiator and the single-process radiator are tried and analyzed. In this paper, another multi-process radiator structure plot is proposed for the plan necessities of CKD9 diesel train cooling framework. The program effectively utilizes the radiator cooling water and cooling air temperature difference, to accomplish the motivation behind expanding heat dispersal.
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Unique Paper ID: 148168

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 12

Page(s): 492 - 494
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