Pick and place robotic vehicle also used for IED Detection
Vishal babar, Sunil pawar, Nitin yadav
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Pick and place robotic vehicle also used for IED DetectionInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Technology(www.ijirt.org) ,ISSN: 2349-6002 ,Volume 6 ,Issue 1 ,Page(s):107-108 ,June 2019 ,Available :IJIRT148274_PAPER.pdf
Robotic Vehicle, Arduino UNO, Joint Actuator, Bluetooth , Pick and Place, metal detector ,Wireless camera.
The popular concept of a robot is of a machine that looks and works like a human being. The remote controlled robots are plenty, especially in specific areas where people can not go there to perform specific task, there these robots are playing major role. The system designed here can be used for picking any small object from the hazardous place. The main advantage is that the Robot can be controlled from the safe zone through the remote monitoring designed using wireless video camera. The vehicle will be moved in all directions and the robotic arm is also controlled. This robot is equipped with a gripper mechanism at its front side for picking and placing of an object. In addition, the vehicle is also equipped with a metal detector for detecting the explosives (bombs). Whenever the bomb is detected, automatically the vehicle will be stopped .This entire mechanism can be viewed in the television set at the control unit as the vehicle will be transmitting the live video signals through the wireless video camera.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1

Page(s): 107 - 108
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