Volume 4, Issue 11 April 2018

Title And Author Area Page
Secure Online Voting System Through OFA verification
- Cheruvu Satya Iswarya; Dr. P. Venkateswara Rao
Full Article
Computer Science 1749-1753
Review On Implementation of CGRA based 3D fMRI filter for Alzheimer disease
- Prajakta Bhimrao Rathod ; Shailesh V. Bhalerao
Full Article
Electronics Engineering 1754-1758
Stabilization of Bhadra sediment for sustainable development - A case study
- Nikitha V; Soujanya K; Devika R; Siddesh A B
Full Article
Civil Engineering1759-1763
Effects of Micro Silica on Compressive Strength of Concrete
- Arpit M. Sorathia; Rashmi B. Rana; Lokesh V. Saini; Anjali P. Shah
Full Article
Civil Engineering1764-1766
Experimental Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer over Perforated Fin Array
- Kiran Beldar; Shubham Raut; Rosil Pereira; Rachol Pereira, David Zacharia
Full Article
Mechanical Engineering1767-1771
Fault Detection and Fault Classification Using ANN
- Jay R. Madhavi
Full Article
Electrical engineering1772-1776
Eco-friendly plant based extracts for the management of Diaporthe sp.
Full Article
Image Steganography
- Anshul Vyas; Anuj Batla
Full Article
computer engineering1777-1781
An Efficient Approach for Hiding Image in Cover Image using Histogram Shifting Method
- Irfanul Haque; Vipra Bohara; Laxmi Narayan Balai
Full Article
Electronics & Communication Engineering1782-1785
Solving Fourier Integral Problem by Using Laplace Transformation
- Dr.Dinesh Verma
Full Article

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