Active Power Controller based DSTATCOM Controller Scheme for Distorted Load Compensation
G. Laxmana Sai Kumar, D.V.N. Ananth, G. Joga Rao, K. Shiva Shankar
DSTATCOM, Harmonics, current compensation, hysteresis current band control, non-linear load, total harmonic distortion
Most of the loads in steel plant and other major industries are arc welding, furnace and motor operating. These loads are in particular non-linear and very distorting in nature disturbs voltage or current or both. These disturbances are produced because of harmonics produced and also due to large reactive power demand. Such behavior leads to distortions in the source side and will damage all the sensitive loads like computers, lighting loads and other metering devices. Hence compensation of these harmonics plays a vital role. So, in this paper a shunt power quality conditioner called DSTACOM is used for compensation of current harmonics produced due to diode rectified based load. The control scheme adopted is an active power controller based with hysteresis current band. The results are observed in MATLAB/ SIMULINK environment and found the current is compensated effectively.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3

Page(s): 996 - 1001
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