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ISSN (Online): 2349-6002

Latest 2024 year impact factor: 8.017

Frequency: Monthly
(12 issues Annually)

Last Date for Current Issue
25 July 2024

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Scientific research journals play a pivotal role in academic publishing, providing a platform for scholars to publish their articles and research findings. UGC-approved journals, also known as UGC CARE journals, are highly regarded in the academic community for their credibility and quality standards. These peer-reviewed scientific journals ensure the rigor and validity of published research. Conference paper publication further facilitates the dissemination of research, offering scholars an opportunity to present their work to a broader audience.

Manuscript submission to UGC CARE fast-publishing journals allows for quick publication, ensuring timely dissemination of findings. Open access journals provide unrestricted access to published research, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration. Scholars often seek high-impact factor journals for wider visibility and recognition of their work. With the increasing demand for quick publishing, researchers look for the best journals to publish their research papers, including those approved by UGC. Conferences dedicated to paper publication offer scholars a platform to showcase their research and engage with peers.

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