Antibacterial potential of Endophytes isolated from Catharanthus roseus
MallikharjunaRaj Kampally, Saahithi Ch, Raja Rao P, Swapna V
Alkaloids,Endophytes, Catharanthus roseus , Hyphal tip method, Disc diffusion assay
Many researchers have been working on cancer treatments and therapies since years, in that natural products have always been a source of many high value compounds like alkaloids. Catharanthus roseus is a flowering plant belonging to Apocynaceae family. It mainly consists of vinca alkaloids which are used for treatment of breast cancer, lymphoma, neuroblastoma and testicular cancers. But the cost and yield factors have been major concerns for plant based drugs. It has been reviewed that for the production of 1 gm of vinca alkaloid we need 500 kg of leaves. It is estimated that global requirement of these alkaloids is 3 kg per annum and 1 kg costs around 3 million dollars. Endophytes are microorganisms that live in symbiotic association with plant cells and produce similar phytocompounds. Identification of such endophytes from its natural sources like Catharanthus roseus would help in paving path way for alternate sources of vinca alkaloids in a cost effective manner which would help in meeting the world requirements.The present study aims to isolate fungal endophytes from Catharanthus roseus and study their antibacterial activity against pathogenic microorganisms Myroidesgitamensis and Xenorhabduskhoisanae isolated from wound swabs. A total of 48 pure fungal cultures were isolated using Hyphal tip method. Out of the 48 fungal cultures tested, 7 extracts namely VRT1A, VRT1B, VRT2A, VRT6A, VRL2B, VRL3B and VRT5A have given positive results for antibacterial activity by disc diffusion assay. Further purification and analytical studies would help in identifying novel antibacterial drugs from these Endophytes.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 6

Page(s): 53 - 59
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