Indian Human Right in English Language Education with Special Reference to Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s Constitutional Ideology
Boda Vamshi Naik
Since the beginning of human civilization faced the biggest challenges about socio political economic and cultural traditional religions and scientific aspects after the social contract in ancients societies and division of labor, man learnt socializing himself and his futures generations in the process he formally learnt how his to have the social living and represent the some in fine arts and literal expressions, in this way the thought of constitutional formation is a modern trend in all civilize society’s , Indian constitution mode by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is a fine earful to govern the sub content of India the some ideology has to the foundations of philosophy thought of Indian education system ,so in the way socializations thought within the walls of the education institution In the human civilization some group of people use the wonder from one please to another in order to seek food and shelter in this program when the meet with the other groups the use to fight in order to grab the natural resource of eatables like fruits and living fish of the rivers and animals in this prose’s one side one hand the use to protect them self and on the other hand the use the secure the natural resource in the development at human being larger society of formed and they became in the being of the civilization some time they where corrals within the group and the outside the group offer a long period of human living man deseeded to have a social agreement that a strong man should not kill the week, in this way the whole society has contract with one another to abode the rules and regulation, in this prose’s everybody man woman children wear, socialized the settled in a specific location and habituated to live to gather, in this way informal education of society was thought to all people, whenever they are free in leisure they amazing and hart fine harts basing an the past and present contest, the literature thought them how to live in society through the genre of poem that is epic later on they use to enjoy them in festivals, rituals, celebration of the concern society, in the progress of the time there was development of more genders like drama, fashion, short story, news papers autography biography, one act pleas
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