VMEG Mini Tool Kit – An Intelligent Approach For File Conversion
K Bhargav Reddy, Chada Lakshma Reddy, Srija Pulluri, M.D.N. Akash, Dr. S. Venu Gopal
Software, Document, Data Base, Conversion, Tool Kit
File convertor helps the organization to handle files within the cloud to decrease the data storage on the devices and investment for the storing devices. It easily converts the files in different format based on the required format. The output produced is feasible, improves operational activity and scalable web experiences. File conversions have become an important part in the present days due to COVID 19 pandemic. Many institutions have adopted online modes of teaching and requirement of the conversion tools had gradually increased. It implements the basic and required file conversions which are essential for a user in the present scenario. This file convertor is a simple tool that has an optimal way of implementing the file conversions format. It can convert file to PPT, PDF, DOC (document) format. The user need not have the complete knowledge about the conversion. The VMEG Mini tool Kit is open source, adaptable and it consumes least amount of time for a file conversion. Its time complexity is less. The website is simple and easy to understand which means a user can use the website without having the complete knowledge on the website. We focused on the time complexity as the files need to convert to various formats which is a complex process, thus we focused on a less time-consuming convertor. We assure the users that the website will consume less time for conversion and is different from other websites. The website runs efficiently, smoothly and requires less human interference and is user-friendly. In this website we have basic conversions, and a user can efficiently and accurately convert his files. And the process of conversion is also very simple, and the user can utilize it whenever he requires.
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Unique Paper ID: 154032

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 9

Page(s): 512 - 519
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