Settler Imperialism: loss of Environmental and Social Ecology in Kim Scott’s THAT DEADMAN DANCE
M B Abika Adline Praicy, Dr. K R Vijaya
That Deadman Dance, Noongar Aboriginals, Ecocriticism, natural Environment, colonial imperialism.
Kim Scott’s That Deadman Dance explores the Indigenous Noongar landscape, natives, culture and the colonial settlement that happens between 1826 to 1844. Kim Scott points out the dependence of Aboriginals in nature and the ecological imbalance done by the settlers. The imperial society dominates the Indigenous community and their natural environments. The Europeans who arrive on the Aboriginal land plans to settle on the Aboriginal land. Soon as they arrive, they forcefully seize the land rights and practices of the Noongar Aboriginals. The settlers take control over the social, cultural, and economic practices of the Indigenous population. By imposing violent practices, they exploit the Aboriginal ecology. The new inhabitant settlers utilize the Noongar land to improve their profits. As a result, agricultural development, and whale hunting negatively affect the Noongar environment. Their disruption creates an imbalance in the Noongar ecosystem. From the literary perspective, the study focuses to view in Ecocritical framework. The researcher presents various disruptions that occur in the Noongar ecology. The study also aims to analyse the social practices and environmental pressures carried throughout the settlement by the settlers.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 10

Page(s): 508 - 512
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