Escherichia coli as an Eco-friendly Agent for Sustainable Development
Arpita Sharma, Nisha Mehra, Ashutosh Verma
Bioinoculant, Biopesticides, PGPR, Microbial inoculants, Organic farming, Yield component.
Farmers are now facing a tremendous reduction in agricultural crop yield, due to the infertility of soils, various abiotic stresses and poor farming. The application of chemical fertilizers distresses soil fertility and also puts adverse effect on human health. Inappropriate use of chemical fertilizer leads to the rapid decline in crop production in most parts of the world, and therefore there is a strong need for good cultivation practice. Biofertilizers and biopesticides have been used in recent years by farmers worldwide to preserve natural soil conditions. Biofertilizer, a replacement for chemical fertilizer, is a cost-effective and prevents environmental contamination to the atmosphere, and is surely a source of renewable energy. In contrast to chemical fertilizers, causes hazardous effects to plants and human Beings also causes damage to soil fertility. In reply to this, organic fertilizers will be the right solution without which gardening and growing healthy and natural food and crops could be possible. The use of biofertilizers is, therefore, inevitable to increase the earth’s productivity. A low-input scheme is feasible to achieve farm sustainability through the use of biological and organic fertilizers. This study investigates the use of microbial inoculants (E. Coli) as biofertilizers to increase crop production.Let’s make a conscious effort to use soil beneficial bacteria that are PGPB (Plant growth promoting bacteria) in enhancing the abiotic stresses like drought and temperature stress due to which the world is facing tremendous decrease in production in cereal crops like wheat.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1

Page(s): 1 - 8
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