IQRA RASHID, Dr. Sandeep Singla, Richika Rathore
Limnology, Eutrophication, Turbidity, pH, Alkalinity, Chloride, Sediments, Hardness, Dissolved Oxygen, BOD, Phosphorus, Temperature.
Limnology is the scientific study of inland waterways and the populations connected with them. Lakes are divided into three distinct zones according to limnology: the littoral zone, the photic zone, and the benthic zone. The problems of sewage disposal and contamination of surface waters in lakes are growing at a rapid rate as a result of urbanization, modernization, and an increase in the overall number of people living in the world. The water quality of Dal Lake has seen huge changes over the course of the past four decades, which has resulted in the lake becoming unusable for both aesthetic purposes and for residential usage. The expansion of land usage in the lake could lead to an increase in the application of fertilizers, which could contribute to the eutrophication problem. In this document, we make an attempt to illustrate the current state of the lake's water quality. Several different measures, such as biological oxygen demand (BOD), pH, nitrate, phosphorus, and turbidity, can be used to evaluate water quality. According to the findings of the tests and the collected data, we found that the majority of the water surface of the lake is covered by weeds. This is because the lake contains a higher percentage of  phosphorus, which directly results in the siltation of the lake water. Because of the high levels of BOD, there is a lower quantity of dissolved oxygen available in the water of the lake. This is the primary reason of the harm that is posed to the lake ecosystem. Around the world, freshwater environments are seeing an increase in the frequency of harmful algal blooms. Plastic scrap pollution is a growing environmental hazard in water bodies, especially impacts open water as well as shorelines and habitats. This pollution comes from plastic waste.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1

Page(s): 509 - 513
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