Study of torsional effect on tall structure using Cracked and Uncracked sectional properties with torsional irregularity
Prathamesh Anand Rahate, Dr. Nandkumar Patil
Torsional irregularity, cracked sectional properties, Stiffness irregularity, Mass irregularity.
As India experienced rapid development, cities will continue to see huge spurt in the demand for housing and commercial real estate. Due to the scarcity of land in big cities, architects often propose irregular building to maximize utilization of available land. Most building has some degree of irregularities, in the geometric configuration or in the geometric distribution of mass. Due to this, the structural resistance to the ground motion is usually torsionally unbalanced creating large displacements and high force concentrations. This study first concentrates, in understanding the complex behavior of structure due to various irregularities. In the proposed study 5 cases are considered namely, Case I with torsion, Case II with torsion and SLS property modifiers, Case III without torsion, Case IV without torsion and SLS property modifiers and Case V without torsion and ULS property modifiers. Analysis was carried out in, commercially available FEA package ETABS using linear dynamic analysis. The guidelines lay by Indian Standard Code IS 1893(Part I):2016 and IS 16700:2017 will be used to compare the results. The results will be compared in terms of Modal mass participation ratio, time period for torsional mode, diaphragm displacements, pt % in columns, Inter storey drift. It was observed that all the parameters are affected with the used of stiffness modifiers.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 6

Page(s): 660 - 666
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