Design and Analysis of a Wing for a Formula Style Race-car
Yugandhar Bhangale, Anish Vaidya, Tanmay Vadnere, Pushkar Vairagkar, Bhushan Shelavale, Dnyaneshwar Kanade, Prathamesh Thakur
F1 race-car ,drag, downforce, front wing, rear wing, airfoil, analysis, composite material.
Car racing is a popular sport, and its popularity is growing as technology and globalisation bring the world closer together. Formula 1 racing is one of the most technologically advanced sports. The aerodynamics of open wheel race cars are critical to race performance. A race car's front wing generates approximately 30% of the total downforce. Several authors are conducting research on front wings for open wheel race cars. Several research studies have been conducted, including single element airfoils in ground effect and undisturbed flow. Because this is a racing event, the car must be lightweight and have good aerodynamic features. Aerodynamics play a significant role in increasing car performance and speed. A study of aerodynamic parts is carried out in this project. A thorough investigation of features such as drag, downforce, Bernoulli's principle, and the boundary layer theorem has been conducted. A special emphasis is placed on the study of the front wing and rear wing which are the most important components of the race car's aerodynamic package. In our analysis, we used Airfoil - s1223, e423. A complete CFD analysis of all the parts was also performed. Finally, we investigated composite materials such as cfrp and gfrp, which have useful applications in the racecar domain.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 7

Page(s): 504 - 514
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