Effect of Chemical additives on Crude oil of Western Onshore Field
Tejas Akarte, Zarana Patel, Ashish Nagar
Wax, Crude oil, Paraffin, Pour point depressant, chemical additive
Midstream flow assurance is concerned with the ability to transport crude oil via pipelines without difficulty from wellhead to refinery. Crude oil deposits are located in reservoirs at high temperatures and pressures, resulting in substantial changes in their process conditions when extracted and transported through pipelines, causing a problem in flow of Crude oil. Conventional technologies, such as electric, emulsification, and thermal insulation, are extremely costly and may necessitate regular pigging in crude pipelines. Pour Point Depressant (PPD) plays an important role in decreasing pipeline transportation difficulties in the midstream sector. Due to the simplicity of managing many sorts of crudes, one of the most modern and recent methods of employing PPD is gaining popularity over traditional approaches. Different types of Chemical additive are used to solve various problems in order to do this. This research examines the importance and necessity of Chemical additives, as well as their effect on Pour point of Crude oil.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 10

Page(s): 666 - 669
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