NFT Marketplace
Junaid Mandviwala, Ali Kazi, Tasneem Shaikh, Dewang Tetambe, Vasanth Naidu
NFT, Token, Blockchain, Market, Asset, Ethereum, Fungible.
Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have garnered remarkable investor attention recently, with some NFTs securing selling prices that may have seemed unthinkable for a non-fungible virtual asset. It is quite clear that blockchain technology and NFTs can offer the perfect opportunity for artists and content creators to obtain financial remuneration for their works. Now, artists don’t have to depend anymore on auction houses or galleries for selling their artwork. On the contrary, an artist could just sell their work to a buyer in the form of NFT. The marketplace allows people to buy, sell and trade NFT art. If you seek an industry that functions as a massive revenue stream for talented people like composers and artists, then NFT marketplace development can be the perfect match. The NFT cap serves as great proof of an industry expansion; in 2022 ,it achieved the mark of $828 million. NFT marketplace development is a unique opportunity for individuals to show up and represent their collectibles to encourage effective digital asset management. The NFT and its markets have grown significantly since early 2021. Since Blockchain is a relatively newer technology, resources are less and quite difficult to find the perfect one which makes it even more difficult to build a complex NFT Marketplace. NFTs have various use-cases and the NFT marketplace is supposed to be at the core of all those great use cases by providing the users a platform to mint and trade the Non-Fungible tokens.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 11

Page(s): 953 - 960
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