A graphical password authentication system
Dolase Dadasaheb Gowardhan, Prathmesh Narayan kamble, Aman Akil Shaikh, Ade Vikas Shahu
Authentication, Password, Security,Graphical Password, Pass Points, Authentication.
Authentication is a technique for granting users access to system objects based on their individuality. If the code matches, the procedure is completed, and the user is given permission to access the system. Text-based password schemes adhere to standards including being at least 8 characters long, using a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, and using numerals. Due to the limitations of the human brain, users struggle to remember complex passwords over time and frequently forget them. The same password is frequently used by users for all types of accounts. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that other accounts will also be compromised if one is. In addition, using a simple text-based password may make it more vulnerable to attacks and invasions. As a result, this project has added graphical password authentication using the passpoints system. A model is used to determine the places that users are most likely to click while creating graphical passwords in the authentication process for graphical passwords utilising the passpoints scheme. Since users are already familiar with textual graphical password schemes, the intended scheme's operation is straightforward and simple to understand. Finally, because it is simple to remember and challenging for others to decipher, this graphical password scheme will make it simpler for users to complete their authentication process.
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Unique Paper ID: 159800

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 12

Page(s): 767 - 767
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