SRINIVASAN R, Dr M. Logesh Kumar
Metakaolin, RedMud, Durability
Approximately 7% of all human-caused CO2 emissions originates from the cement sector. Hence, in order to support sustainable material, another material must be found. A different approach is to use materials other than cement, such as red mud and metakaolin. Alkaline activator must be added together with red mud and metakaolin as binders in the form of sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). The goal of this study is to quantify compressive strength and examine how activator liquid content affects the characteristics of geopolymer mortar. To achieve a low molarity ratio, NaOH has a range of molarities of 8,12,14, and 16 M with liquid to binder (l/b) ratios of 0.48, 0.5, 0.52 and 0.54. The 100 x 100 x 100 mm cube-shaped specimen is steam cured for 24 to 48 hours at a temperature of 25 to 28o C. According to the experimental findings of a new mortar, the molarity of NaOH affects the flow of the slump and the time it takes for it to set. The greater the concentration of NaOH, the smaller the slump value and the quicker the setting time. Based on the experiment's results, the specific gravity increased as NaOH molarity increased. Testing for durability was done using the highest strength possible with MK and RM proportions. This study aims to investigate the corrosion behaviour of geopolymer mortar. In this study, a quick review of the1, 3, 6 and 9 month long studies on accelerated corrosion, acid resistance, chloride resistance, and sulphate resistance is provided.
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Unique Paper ID: 160101

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 12

Page(s): 1003 - 1007
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