An interventional study to identify the anaemic adolescents girls and to evaluate the effectiveness of iron combo to improve anaemic condition among adolescents girl’s at selected community area of Indore city
Dr. Amita Paul, Ishtiyak Khan
Iron combo, anaemia, adolescents girls, Effectiveness.
INTRODUCTION:- Anaemia is more common in girls because they have an extra loss of iron in the blood through menstrual bleeding. It can affect the adolescent girl’s development and school performance. Studies have shown that adolescents with anaemia have impaired verbal learning and memory, as well as lower standardized maths scores. There is evidence that correcting the anaemia may improve learning. Even before anemia might develop, iron deficiency can cause shortened attention span, alertness, and learning in adolescents. OBJECTIVES To identify the anaemic adolescents girl’s before and after given iron combo in selected community area. HYPOTHESES There is significant difference between the mean pre and post assessment Haemoglobin level among adolescent girls in selected community area. MATERIAL AND METHODS A pre experimental study was conducted. The study was conducted at Bicholi hapsi village, Indore Madhya Pradesh India. The population for this study was anaemic adolescents girls. The sample size was for the study is 60. Convenient sampling technique was used to select samples. Adolescent girls who are between the age group of 10 -19,haemoglobin level less than 11.9 gm/dl, enrolled in registers in government schools of Bicholi Hapsi Indore. The subjects received oral nutritional supplements (Iron Combo Pack- 150 gm) once a daily in the morning for 21 days. Bodyweight and haemoglobin levels were assessed before and at the end of 21 days of intervention. RESULT- After 21 days of daily supplementation of Iron Combo (150 gm), researchers observed that the analysis of the demographic data in the study post assessment 10.36 SD±1.13 is higher than mean pre assessment 8.75 SD±1.35 and calculated t value t = 18.72* (df = 59) is found to be significant at the level of 0.05. Hence research hypothesis H1 is accepted. I.e. there is significant difference between the mean pre and post assessment Haemoglobin level among adolescent girls in selected community area and null hypothesis is rejected. CONCLUSION The outcome of this study proved the effective role of the iron combo in improving the haemoglobin status among adolescents’ girls. Combination of beetroot, jaggery and amla proved to be a better
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4

Page(s): 280 - 285
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