VISION AI: A Portable Assistive Vision System for Visually Impaired Individuals Using Raspberry Pi
Vaishnavi Chirawande, Aditi Gade, Madhur Bhutada, Akshaj Kant
Raspberry Pi 4, OpenCV, Smart Glasses, Visually impaired, Tensor Flow Lite, gTTs, Object Detection
Visual impairment substantially affects the independence and exceptional of life for millions worldwide. In reaction to this pressing societal need, we gift a novel assistive vision system designed mainly for visually impaired people. Leveraging the abilities of Raspberry Pi and its camera module, our portable tool makes use of real-time photo processing strategies enabled through TensorFlow Lite and OpenCV. The device identifies objects inside the user's surroundings and offers pertinent statistics audibly through an integrated audio output device. The middle components of our solution encompass a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, a digicam module, a rechargeable battery % for portability, and audio output components. Through seamless integration of those components and complicated algorithms, our device gives customers with on the spot auditory feedback approximately their surroundings, allowing enhanced navigation and interplay. A key gain of our mission lies in its portability and flexibility. Housed with a wearable glasses layout, our gadget gives very much of convenience and mobility for users. Furthermore, the ability to train the version similarly complements its adaptability to environments and person options, making sure personalized assistance tailored to character desires. In precis, our assistive vision machine represents a vast advancement in empowering visually impaired people to navigate the world with more independence and self assurance. Its portability, actual-time capability, and customizable schooling skills distinguish it as an advanced solution inside the landscape of assistive technologies for the visually impaired.
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Unique Paper ID: 163856

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 11

Page(s): 2565 - 2573
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