Comparative histochemical studies on two seaweeds collected from mandapam cost in tamilnadu
Sadafunnisa.s, T.V.Poonguzhali
Solieria robusta, Lobophora variegata, Histochemistry, Secondary Metabolites.
Seaweeds are multicellular photosynthetic eukaryotic thallus. They have high concentration of essential vitamins, trace elements, proteins, lipids, polysaccharides, enzymes and minerals compared to terrestrial foodstuffs. This present study was focused on the occurrence and distribution of chemical constituents of the two seaweeds Solieria robusta (red algae) and Lobophopra variegata (brown algae) using histochemical analysis. It was used for evaluation of therapeutic efficiency of herbal drugs and where histologial and histochemical techniques are of great use. The histochemical tests were made on the fresh sections of the thallus treated with the chemical reagents to identify the presence and absence of metabolites like alkaloids, protein, starch, tannins and lipids. The stained sections were observed under microscope and photographed. All the reagents showed positive effects on both the seaweeds. In S.robusta (red algae) protein and starch were stained profusely in the epidermis and medullary parts. While alkaloids stained in epidermis and cortex region, tannins stained abundantly in the cortex part and lipids stained throughout the thallus like patches. In L.variegata (brown algae) all the reagents showed main presence mostly in the peripheral layer and cortex layer, while in the medulla it has meagerly present. Hence this study offer a base for both the seaweeds as herbal alternative for the synthesis of active compounds.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 688 - 692
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