Chemical Components of Zooplankton from Nagore Coastal Area, Southeast Coast of Tamilnadu
Zooplankton biomass, dry weight, chemical components, calorific content and Nagore coast
Chemical components of zooplankton is important in considerate their metabolism, nutritive value and energy transfer which are relevant to the coastal ecosystem. Proximate composition, zooplankton biomass, dry weight, protein, lipid, carbohydrate and calorific content of mixed zooplankton were estimated from the Nagore coastal water Southeast coast of Tamilnadu during July 2016 to June 2017. Protein formed the major fraction of the organic constituents. Seasonal variation was observed in the protein content. Protein and lipid fractions were inversely proportional. Neither lipid nor carbohydrate appeared to be significant energy sources. Lipid was the most variable component. Carbohydrate content of the organism was found complementary to its lipid content. Decrease in carbohydrate content was recorded during periods of low salinity. Caloric value obtained in this study ranged from 1.35 to 2.40 kcal/g dry weight (X̅=1.62±0.15) and (X̅=1.99±0.25) in the estuarine and marine waters respectively. Relatively higher values were attributed to the dominance of calanoid copepods in the zooplankton population almost throughout the year. Zooplankton did not show extensive lipid storage suggesting that protein may serve as metabolic reserve. It is therefore evident that zooplankton can be utilized as nutritional live feed for the cultivable species of fish and prawn in aquaculture farms. The ranges of dry weight, protein, lipid and carbohydrate (%) contents (Zooplankton) were: 0.17 - 2.9; 19.15 - 34.97; 10.12 - 17.56; 1.15 - 6.98 and 0.64 - 2.18; 20.9 - 40.34; 13.89 - 19.43; 1.65 - 9.73 respectively. This study is the first report on chemical components and Calorific Value of Zooplankton from the coastal waters of Nagore, Southeast coast of Tamilnadu.
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