Performance Evaluation for Thermal comfort on Earth Air Heat Exchanger with Different Material with and without Fin for heating using CFD
Vickram Singh Yadav, Prof. Animesh Singhai
Earth air Heat Exchanger (EAHE), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Heating, Different Materials, Fins, Ansys 17.0.
Earth-air heat exchangers, also called ground tube heat exchangers, are an interesting technique to reduce energy consumption in a building. They can cool or heat the ventilation air, using cold or heat accumulated in the soil. The temperature of earth at a certain depth about 2 to 3m the temperature of ground remains nearly constant i.e. 25.4 ⁰C throughout the year. This constant temperature is called the undisturbed temperature of earth which remains higher than the outside temperature in winter and lower than the outside temperature in summer. When ambient air is drawn through buried pipes, the air is cooled in summer and heated in winter, before it is used for ventilation. The earth air heat exchanger can fulfill in both purpose heating in winter and cooling in summer. In use of complex dimensioning process required such a system, which involves optimization of numerous parameters such as the diameter, air flow rate depth, tube length and condensation in the meantime have to be considered. In this work Thermal comfort on earth tube heat exchanger with different material with and without for heating using CFD is evaluated. The pipe material taken for the analysis are Aluminium and PVC.For the analysis Ansys 17.0 fluent software used. For the CFD simulation analysis the pipe of 12m length, 0.003m thickness and 0.15m diameter with and without fin considered .Using the CFD analysis it is observed at air velocity of 3 m/s, Aluminium pipe material with fin gives maximum outlet temperature of 298.4 K.
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