Transient Thermal Analysis of Cylinder Fins with Holes by Using Different Materials
Pradeep Kumar, Animesh Singhai
Engine Cylinder Fins, Geometry, Material, Thermal Analysis, ANSYS
The combustion chamber of engine cylinder of motor cycle is subjected to a high temperature and thermal stresses, on which fins are, mounted in order to cool the cylinder, fins are provided on the cylinder to increase the heat transfer rate. In this report thermal analysis of engine block with fins were analyzed. By doing thermal analysis on cylinder block fins, it is helpful to know the heat dissipation inside the cylinder. Fins are basically mechanical structures which are used to cool various structures by the process of convection. Most part of their design is basically limited by the design of the system. But still certain parameters and geometry could be modified to better heat transfer. In most of the cases simple fin geometry is preferred such as rectangular fins and circular fins. Many experimental works has been done to improve the heat release of the internal combustion engine cylinder and improves fin efficiency. The model of engine block fins has been developed in 3D software ANSYS 14.5and Transient thermal analysis is done on the fins and the block to determine temperature variation in transient state that is, with holes .The Thermal analysis is done by using ANSYS software. Analysis is conducted with varying two materials also. In this thesis report two models were created with holes in software and modified design of the same model were analyzed, and comparison of two models according to geometry and material wise analyzed. Finally Magnesium alloy has given the best heat transfer for this analysis
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1

Page(s): 930 - 935
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