IFSGb-continuous mappings in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces
Angelin Tidy G, Francina Shalini.A
Intuitionistic fuzzy topology, Intuitionistic fuzzy sgb-continuous mappings, Intuitionistic fuzzy sgb-irresolute mappings and Intuitionistic fuzzy slightly sgb-continuous functions.
In this paper is to define and study the concepts of intuitionistic fuzzy sgb-continuous mappings and intuitionistic fuzzy sgb-irresolute mappings on intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces. Further relationship between intuitionistic fuzzy sgb-continuous mapping with other intuitionistic fuzzy continuous mappings a established. And intuitionistic fuzzy slightly sgb-continuous functions, we investigate some of their properties.
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Unique Paper ID: 147302

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 6

Page(s): 380 - 387
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