Feasibility of working of evaporative condenser cum thermal desalination system
Abhishek David, Rahul kumar sinha, joserph marcus paul
thermal desalination, dry air cooled condensers, evaporative condenser cum thermal desalination system.
water is considered as most precious and scarce resource for recent and upcoming era, especially in the area where fresh water is not available with an ease. In most of the countries and cities situated near sea shore pure fresh water resources are insufficient even for drinking purpose and it is not viable for using water in big power plants for cooling purpose in condenser and cooling tower circuit. However big evaporative type or dry air cooled condensers are used in such power plants. In such cities desalination is also carried out on large scale for fresh drinking water demands. When it comes to thermal desalination, weather high heat energy is to be provided or vacuum is to be maintained in order to generate steam out of salty water and further condensing it to get pure desalinated water. Both of the above mentioned process are costly and consumes either good amount of low grade energy in form of heat or high grade energy in consumed in vacuum pumps, a minor defect caused in such systems lead to significant losses and may affect the thermal efficiency to higher extent. In present study a combined set up of evaporative condenser cum thermal desalination system is proposed with working diagram. the efficiency and pure water recovery from the proposed system may not be as high as conventional systems, but it is beneficial as it is working on waste heat recovery principle and very less running cost is incurred leading towards fuel saving and ecofriendlyness ,which is need of the hour.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 8

Page(s): 79 - 82
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