Hand Gesture Recognition With Switching And Mouse Movement Using MATLAB
Surajkumar S. Bele, Mayur R. Girsawale, Tejaswini G. Ganar, Monali P. Bawankar, Swati P. Raut, Ravindra R. Vaidya, Durgesh R. Chandurkar
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Hand Gesture Recognition With Switching And Mouse Movement Using MATLABInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Technology(www.ijirt.org) ,ISSN: 2349-6002 ,Volume 5 ,Issue 10 ,Page(s):403-409 ,March 2019 ,Available :IJIRT147719_PAPER.pdf
Digital Image Processing, Hand gestures Recognition, Switching, Mouse Movement, AVR, Relay, and MATLAB.
The main aim of this project is to design a Virtual switch operating on hand gesture. The controlling device of the whole system is an AVR Microcontroller. Relay driver IC and web camera are interfaced to the AVR Microcontroller. The data received by the web camera is fed as input to the AVR Microcontroller. The controller makes a decision according to the hand gesture of user. Hence we can turn on or off any appliances which we have interfaced with our circuit. . The maneuver of mouse pointer and performs various mouse operations such as left click, right click, double click, drag etc using gestures recognition technique. Recognizing gestures is a complex task which involves many aspects such as motion modeling, motion analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 10

Page(s): 403 - 409
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