Review paper on big data analysis in quantum computing
ROHINI , Amitesh tiwari, Anoushka Palvia
Quantum computer, qubit, qubyte, bigdata
When we look on earth we have seen that lots of product, natural thing being stored. just like as in the world of computing, everything stored in one device which may be one chip or one data computing computer. But at a time come, where data is becoming beyond the storage capacity (known as big data) and but this big data processing cannot be handled by classical computers. There are many big data analytics devices available in the business community, but still, problem in higher rank which could not be resolved in optimal time though by the most advanced computer system. But now time will come, we can discuss a computer that can be solved bid data problem which name is Quantum computer. In this paper, we will review on big data analysis in quantum computing .all of we know computer constructing power depends on a number of transistors used and according to Moore ’ slaw today's this power doubles every two years. But quantum computing has come on the basis of superposition of qubit(binary number). It works like physics quantum that shows how the atom is different from classical Physics. In this research review paper we will totally focus on how will quantum computing take an important part in big data analysis and some issues in the quantum computing environment.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 12

Page(s): 23 - 26
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